Our Format

Our agenda thoughtfully coordinates demonstration of new products, services, and solutions, education from leading analysts, and unique networking opportunities to help our attendees make the most of their experience. We also make time for recreation and celebration, presenting awards to some of the shining stars in our industry.

Demonstration of New Products, Services, and Solutions
IT executives attend the Healthcare IT Summit to see the newest products and services available to increase their productivity, find solutions to their pain points, update their technology and maximize their ROI. Vendors therefore can work with a wide variety of key IT decision makers from both payers and provider organizations to implement their latest products and services.

Boardroom Sessions
Boardroom sessions are 30 minute vendor meetings with 16-20 IT executives that have indicated an interest in the vendor's technology category. These presentations offer the vendors an opportunity to address a guaranteed audience of executive decision makers, while IT executives can review the latest products and services. Executives tell us that this is one of the best aspects of the Summit!

Solutions Pavilion
The Solution Pavilion combines an informal business venue of hands-on demonstrations and one-on-one meetings with a light social atmosphere. Vendors can display and explain their newest solutions. Senior IT executives are able to evaluate these IT solutions, obtain answers to key questions, and build business relationships with vendors and each other.

Vendor One-on-One Appointments
Vendors and IT executives have the opportunity to meet one-on-one to discuss how vendor solutions can work specifically with an IT executive's organization. These one-on-one appointments are scheduled prior to the Summit and allow vendors and IT executives to conduct business on site.

One on One

Quick Fire
Quick Fire Sessions put you in a line-up of vendors to take the stage to present your 3 minute product/program pitch to the full audience. Be sure to beat the clock, or get buzzed!

Vendor Keynotes
Vendor Keynotes are an exclusive theatre-style presentation. Vendors may address a strategic IT issue, make a technology announcement, present a key case study, or launch a new product, program or service. Vendors benefit from the impact made by addressing a large audience at one time, while attendees have the opportunity to hear details about specific products and services.

MES Keynote

Insight from Leading Analysts
Through private One-on-Ones, General and Breakout Sessions, vendors and IT executives have access to leading analysts to discuss critical issues unique to the healthcare market.  Analysts represent a variety of organizations including IDC and Porter Research to provide strategic content, exclusive research and offer attendees a comprehensive view of the current IT landscape.

One-on-One Appointments with Top Analysts
At the Summit, you can schedule a private meeting with an analyst to showcase your products or solutions and get detailed answers to your unique questions. One-on-One appointments are scheduled prior to the Summit and you will be contacted via email regarding analysts' area of expertise and availability. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
One on One Gartner

General & Breakout Sessions
General and Breakout Sessions enable you to learn about the latest research, market trends, forecasts, and strategies from  top thought leaders. Breakout Sessions examine IT issues and solutions from a horizontal and vertical industry perspective. General Sessions focus on strategies, best practices, and technologies critical to all midmarket organizations.
Breakout Session

Unique Networking Opportunities
Healthcare IT Summit Summit presents numerous networking functions specifically designed for optimum social interaction between vendors and IT executives to develop and strengthen relationships. Networking opportunities may include all or many of the following programs:

  • Welcome Reception
  • Networking breakfasts and luncheons throughout the Summit
  • Themed parties sponsored by participating vendors
  • Summit Shotgun Golf Tournament pairing up IT executives and vendors

Peer Exchange Roundtables
These Roundtables bring IT executives together with their peers to discuss viable solutions to common IT challenges. Roundtables are your opportunity to share ideas, give advice, discuss common pain points, and build relationships. These informal discussions focus on top-of-mind issues specific to the midmarket.

Healthcare XCellence Awards Dinner
The XCellence Awards Dinner highlights the vendors who were Best in Show, networking opportunities, and entertainment. The awards are based on selections by attending IT executives.
MES Awards