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The forces of technological change, universal health coverage and business model transformation have created unprecedented challenges for healthcare CIOs. IT leaders at payer and provider organizations must come to grips with the mega-trends driving healthcare while grappling with the pressure to master enabling technologies such as mobile, social, big data and cloud. Technology innovation is accelerating, the pressure to increase productivity is rising, and the expectations of senior executives are often unreasonable. CIOs also must cope with a legislative and political system endlessly debating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or one that is postponing its critical components. Layered on top of that are the fines providers face if they fail to meet the hefty regulatory and compliance requirements that must be monitored and met every day.  These challenges place healthcare CIOs in an unusual and precarious position, where it is easy to become overwhelmed. Now is the time to embrace change and innovate. Acquiring knowledge from peers, industry experts and an understanding of IT resources can help you innovate your way out of today’s conundrum and achieve your goals. So embrace change. Don’t run from it. Now is the time to innovate, not stagnate. Join your peers and thought leaders to guide you through this challenging time at the 2013 Healthcare IT Summit.

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J.D. Kleinke Scott Lundstrom Roni Zeiger, MD Janice Young
J.D. Kleinke
Medical Economist
Health Info Tech Entrepreneur
Scott Lundstrom
VP of Research
IDC Health Insights
Roni Zeiger, MD
Co-Founder and CEO
Smart Patients
Janice Young
Program Dir, Payer IT
IDC Health Insights



About the Healthcare IT Summit

 The Healthcare IT Summit brings together industry analysts, IT executives from healthcare insurer and provider organizations, and leading vendors for uniquely collaborative discussions on today’s pressing business and IT issues, best practices and the latest tools and technology that will improve the performance of your business.

Our conference delivers education and insight for healthcare insurers and providers to better understand future market drivers, business trends, economic factors and technology opportunities impacting the healthcare IT market.



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