MES West Tech Roundup

By Alicia Stein - Editor

September 19, 2013 at 9:49 AM

Many of today’s leading tech vendors are focusing their efforts on producing IT solutions specifically for midsize enterprises. In this roundup, we feature a sneak preview of some of the products vendors will be showcasing at the upcoming Midsize Enterprise Summit West, along with other important updates and insight. MES West will be held from Sept. 22 to Sept. 25 in Phoenix.

Absolute Software

Absolute Software has offered management and security for mobile endpoints for 20 years—since “mobile device” meant a $4,000 laptop with a modem, says Tim Williams, Absolute’s director of product management. All joking aside, Absolute Manage, the solution it will be presenting at MES, is in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for client management and mobile device management, making Absolute one of only four companies so recognized. “Software vendors are only as good as the problems they can solve. The best way to learn about the challenges our customers face is to talk to them, and the best people to talk to are midmarket IT executives like the folks attending MES West,” Williams said.


Astute will be presenting Networked Flash, a risk-free way to improve business performance. This is Astute's second-generation enterprise product building off of 14 years of solving IT performance problems in the telco and military space. “Networked Flash immediately improves business operations without disrupting or replacing your existing infrastructure,” said Mike Schmitt, Astute’s senior director of product management.


Bluebeam Software and Orange Blade Consultants will be presenting Bluebeam Revu, its flagship product that offers PDF creation, markup, editing and collaboration for paperless workflows, according to John Magyar of Orange Blade Consultants. In addition, Revu’s cloud-based solution, Bluebeam Studio, allows midmarket IT organizations to collaborate with project partners in realtime on a tablet PC or iPad.

BMC Software

BMC Software will be presenting BMC FootPrints, its flagship midmarket on-premise solution and BMC Remedyforce, its flagship SaaS solution. The BMC solutions for the midmarket integrate ITSM and IT Asset Management and are ITIL v3-compliant and Pink Elephant Certified. “BMC solutions for the midmarket focus on what’s important—ease of use and rapid value—while delivering best-of-breed service management with fully integrated endpoint and asset management,” said Michael Mitteness, area sales director of West emerging enterprise at BMC.

Condusiv Technologies

Condusiv will be presenting its newly released V-locity product family, which is said to increase virtual machine and application performance by 50 percent without additional hardware. Condusiv CEO Jerry Baldwin said, “V-locity is impacting the way CIOs and IT pros run their business with an innovative approach to I/O optimization that can save up to 90 percent in CapEx, while performance improves a minimum of 50 percent nondisruptively, " he explained.  “We are excited for the chance to meet with midmarket IT professionals to introduce them to Condusiv’s solution set and how it can improve their virtual environment’s performance,” Baldwin continued.

Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks will present the “Ever-evolving Threat Landscape” at MES,which educates midmarket IT executives on how cyberattacks have evolved over the past 10 years. The presentation will cover why threat intelligence is important in an evolving threat landscape and how to safeguard businesses from intrusions and data breaches. “Dell SecureWorks’ No. 1 goal is to help businesses protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce security costs,” said Jeff Multz, security evangelist at Dell SecureWorks. “We have participated at MES for many years and always look forward to meeting midmarket IT executives and learning more about their IT landscape, goals and strategy,” he said. 


Domo will be presenting its flagship executive management platform, which helps transform the way IT executives manage their businesses and drive additional value from their current investments in business intelligence. “Domo is the solution to putting data back in decision-makers’ hands,” said Chris Wintermeyer, chief advocate at Domo. “Domo improves midmarket CIOs’ decision-making processes by helping them access all of their critical data in one place, at any time, on any device.”


Eaton, a power management solution provider, will be presenting its Intelligent Power Manager software, which seamlessly integrates with VMware vCenter, Citrix’s XenCenter Server, and Microsoft, Red Hat and other Xen open source platforms to manage power and enable Site Recovery Manager. Eaton allows midmarket IT executives to view and manage their entire power system from an existing dashboard, keep critical loads running longer and ensure maximum business continuity. “Our award-wining Intelligent Power Manager software continues to help businesses monitor and manage their power needs with its latest release,” said Curtiz Gangi, Eaton’s director of IT channel sales.


GAVS will be presenting its IT infrastructure management services, which help midmarket IT executives achieve cost efficiency and accelerate time to market. “We are exceptionally proud of the fact that all of our clients are referenceable and the client leaders view GAVS as a credible alternative to some of the biggest players in IT Services industry,” noted Avijit Kalita, GAVS’ associate vice president of sales. “ We seek dynamic client relationships and strive to open up new horizons for clients by continually discovering and exploiting the possibilities of technology, so we are looking forward to MES,” he said.

Halo Business Intelligence

Halo Business Intelligence will present its proprietary platform and methodology, which allows midmarket IT executives to implement BI quickly and at a low cost, according to Ray Major, CEO of Halo BI. “We’ll present the Halo Business Intelligence Maturity Model that can be used to assess a company’s BI maturity and develop a road map for the future,” he said. Halo 2013 is the latest update to the Halo BI flagship platform, which includes the ability to link multiple data sources, integrate data quality, flexible reporting options, predictive analytics and collaboration tools. 

Information Builders

At the MES West Conference, Information Builders will present WebFocus, its flagship BI platform that yields a high adoption rate. “While there is a surge in self-service applications, Information Builders will show the company can handle the needs for all types of users, from the novice to the self-service user to the developer, " said Chris Banks, senior director of WebFocus.


Interneer will showcase its Intellect BPM, a drag-and-drop platform that makes it easy to build, deploy and manage smart mobile apps. Interneer will also introduce Intellect MobileApps, which helps midmarket IT executives empower business users to create business-to-employee mobile apps in hours, according to Romeo Elias, president and CEO of Interneer. In April 2013, Interneer released Version 7 of its platform, and updates for both Intellect BPM and Intellect MobileApps will be available in the fourth quarter of 2013. 

Koi Consulting Group

“IT executives use Koi services to transform the dread of a chaotic IT existence into the joy of a mightily designed, implemented and managed infrastructure,” said Koi technology architect Mark Manuel. “Our transparent, yet secret, sauce is our Formula 733-2a, crafted for precision, accuracy and complete sanity.  We do it different, but we do it right,” he continued. In the effort to help midmarket CIOs avoid overpaying for brand-name consulting and management services, Koi offers connection with strategists for one low monthly fee right at the CIOs’ door. “We look forward to blowing everyone's mind with Koi’s Formula 733-2a at MES,” said Manuel. 

Liaison Technologies

At MES West, Liaison Technologies will be presenting its portfolio of data integration and data security products, including on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions. It also will be highlighting its consulting and managed services that tie into its portfolio “We are looking forward to interacting with midmarket IT executives to find out what challenges they are having. Data is coming faster and faster from even more disparate sources and, because of this, everyone's issues are unique. It is always interesting to hear about new challenges and how executives are solving them,” said Rob Consoli, Liaison’s vice president of midmarket sales and marketing. 


LifeSize is excited to showcase its Smart Video solutions, a feature-rich HD videoconferencing solution. The Smart Video experience came to life in early 2013 with the launch of the LifeSize Icon Series, according to Simon Dudley, LifeSize’s video evangelist. “To date, there is no other one-button, frustration-free videoconferencing solution in market,” he said. “The Smart Video experience was specifically designed for the midmarket, which is why we are so excited about the opportunity to show this technology off, hear feedback and discuss how Smart Video can help transform your business at MES,” Dudley continued.


MicroStrategy will be presenting its analytics platform for midmarket CIOs that is offered on-premise or in the cloud. “This is the only platform to deliver all of the functionality that a midsize organization will need to support the full range of its business analytics use cases,” said Gabrielle Bradbury, West region sales director for the midmarket at MicroStrategy. This includes agile analytics, system of record BI and big data analytics. “I am most excited about learning how our company can align with those attending, to solve the challenges they are facing today,” Bradbury said. 

Sangfor Technologies

Sangfor will present cost-effective WAN optimization and security web gateway to the MES attendees, according to Cynthia Liu, managing director of Sangfor U.S. Both WAN optimization and security web gateway are Sangfor’s flagship products, and they are listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Liu explained that there are more than 21,000 customers who have deployed Sangfor’s WANO or SWG, and they look forward to meeting as many target customers as possible at MES.


SAS will be displaying SAS Visual Analytics, its newest offering that enables midsize organizations to better understand what the data means and execute analytic computations within minutes, according to Kevin Garabedian, senior director of small and midsize business solutions at SAS. SAS offers a road map to empower midsize business to make better use of data at an affordable price for IT executives. “MES gives us a chance to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges and obstacles IT departments in midmarket organizations face,”  Garabedian said.


At MES, VMware will address some impressive announcements made at VMworld 201. VMware executives will discuss its software-defined data center architecture and how the company is extending the value of virtualization into storage, networking and security, among other IT initiatives. “CIOs are at the crossroads of business and technology with decisions made impacting organizational productivity, continuity, mobility, business capabilities and market competitiveness,” said Brandon Sweeney, vice president of the U.S. midmarket customer segment at VMware.


Websense will be featuring its leading Triton security solution, which addresses many common security gaps, such as outbound data theft, spear phishing blind spots, visibility into secure web traffic, realtime threat analysis, and protection for laptop users and remote offices. In addition, Websense is about to release its newest addition, Triton RiskVision, a threat monitoring solution that combines realtime advanced threat defenses, global security intelligence, file sandboxing, and data loss and data theft detection into a single appliance that is easy to deploy via a network TAP or SPAN port. “Websense is no longer a web filter company—we are a company that provides comprehensive security for web, email, data, cloud and mobile. We look forward to changing that perception at MES,” said Joe Yanda, Websense’s senior director of sales. 


 Xerox’s focus at MES West will be on continuing the conversation around enabling customers to focus on the most important parts of their business by removing distractions, freeing up time, money and resources and simplifying their work, according to Jim Reynolds, vice president of post sale and business development at Xerox. Its newest technology platform, called Xerox ConnectKey, sets the foundation to achieve just that, and combines it with support to manage a print environment. “We look forward to continuing to share customer and partner experiences that may uncover new opportunities to simplify the way our customers work,” said Reynolds. 

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